technical consulting
project support
business development
custom training
in the field of high-end embedded processing and embedded vision systems

Welcome to tecraise

Michael Carstens-Behrens, Founder & Managing Director

Industries and markets are changing with extreme speed, applications and products are integrating more and more functionalities. The heart of these products consists of embedded processor systems and the associated software. A lack of standards, as there are in the PC world, and patchy ecosystems make development a challenge. Many success factors and pitfalls are in the details and their dependencies. If they are recognized too late, there is a risk of loss of time and money. tecraise offers to be an accelerator for your innovative power, time to market and earnings potential. Take advantage of my more than 20 years of experience in the design, development, qualification and manufacturing of embedded processing and embedded vision systems from various markets and applications.
  • automotive
  • factory automation
  • logistics
  • medical technology
  • mobile working machines
  • retail
  • telecom & networks
  • traffic & transportation
  • ...and others
  • cameras and image processing
  • control units
  • infotainment and dashboard
  • medical systems
  • radar systems
  • smart vision devices
  • vehicle networks
  • wired and wireless gateways
  • ...and more


Technical Consulting

In order to be successful in the implementation of new, innovative and market-leading technology, it is of crucial importance to optimally map a large number of complex dependencies in addition to solve technical challenges. tecraise supports you by consulting covering determining and fulfilling
  • technical features and performance
  • optimal balance between costs and performance
  • costs vs. benefit of optional features
  • development costs and times
  • EMC and environmental requirements
  • industry-specific norms and standards
  • lifespan and life cycle management
  • legal aspects
The result of the consultation is usually a complete implementation specification that can be used for internal development as well as for outsourcing.

Project Support

tecraise offers project support, for the development of embedded processing end embedded vision components and systems covering
  • benchmarking and selection of suppliers for
    • development
    • qualification and test
    • manufacturing
  • management of suppliers during the project
  • support for acceptance tests and component or system qualification
  • assistance in ramping up production
  • life cycle management support
Project support typically takes place in the implementation phase subsequent to a technical consulting.

Business Development

For manufacturers of active semiconductors and IPs, especially processors, system-on-chips and sensors, who do not have local technical support in EMEA, as well as for technology start-ups that need specific technical expertise, tecraise offers services within the scope of
  • technical customer support
  • project support
  • training
  • business development
These services can be performed under your business card and email address, if desired.

Custom Training

Knowledge should be widely spread, at least part of experience can be passed on. tecraise trains your employees in special areas in the design of high-end embedded processing and embedded vision systems
  • key components selection
  • system architecture definition
  • performance analysis
  • risk analysis
  • iterative determination of manufacturing costs
  • ...and more
Training courses are always individually adapted to your specific needs.